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Stylex Q, invented by a rehabilitation medical doctor, is being used in 186 hospitals

New! 3rd generation home appliance


Core strengthening exercise in 4 areas for GOOD POSTURE

Ondol syndrome

‘Ondol syndrome’ is the medical grounds for the invention of Stylex Q and a medical theory presented by the plastic surgery medical book titled Calf surgery and Body Contouring (Calf surgery and Body Contouring, Gunja publisher, 2011). Ondol syndrome is defined as the combination of problems, symptoms, and phenomenon of body contouring resulted from the rotated pelvis.

Weakened gluteal muscles causes Ondol syndrome- various body contouring problems such as lower body obesity, bowlegs, thy flab, abdomen flab, drooping hip and symptoms as knee joint, waist pain, scoliosis, and menstrual cramps

Above symptoms of Ondol syndrome are not a separate problem, rather they are related results coming from the same cause which is the rotated pelvis; therefore, it is proven that by fixing the rotated pelvis, each symptom is ameliorated or cured.

Effects of Stylex Q

Stylex Q Patient - Before (Side)
After 7 months of treatment on Stylex Q

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